Who are we?

Westie Underground is a group of passionate dancers and teachers dedicated to promoting West Coast Swing in the Ottawa area and beyond. We love this dance, and we want to spread that love as much as we can. We work hard to introduce new dancers to West Coast Swing and to encourage existing dancers of all levels with opportunities for growth, learning, and most importantly fun. We want to help you to enjoy your journey as a West Coast Swing dancer, from beginner through to social dancer, performer, or competitor.

Special Invitations Class

Due to popular demand, we've set up a last-minute session on Invitations and Requests in West Coast Swing!

Starting November 7 and running three weeks, this class explores the when, where, and how of invitational patterns: the space where improvisational magic happens in West Coast Swing. Leaders will learn how to offer opportunities for their followers to express themselves or join you in creating a moment. Followers will learn ways to respond to invitational leads and how to request space from their leader to create their own moments.

Pre-requisite: You must be comfortable with the basic 6 and 8 count patterns (passes, pushes, whips, and some common variations)

This special class session will cost only $45 and will be taught by Steve and Katie.

To register for this class, please e-mail Cathy at the e-mail address listed in the banner above, or contact us through the Facebook event for this class (click here).

Posted November 3, 2019

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